Survival Tips

Can I walk from the Strip to Downtown?
In theory, sure. It’s a long haul through some less-attractive parts of town, so practically nobody does it. From the Strip, consider taking the Monorail to the Sahara station, and then across Sahara to the bike share station. Check our Transit tips.

There’s a lot of homeless Downtown.
Homelessness is a problem throughout much of the US, and Vegas is no exception. Many of our homeless service organizations operate Downtown, so obviously their clients tend to hang out here. While some of our homeless population are dealing with mental health issues, almost nobody will bother you if you give them some space.

Downtown… the Strip… which is which?
Downtown is the “original” Las Vegas, the actual City of Las Vegas, centered around Fremont Street and Main Street. The mega-resorts to the south, from the Sahara to Mandalay Bay, comprise The Strip, which isn’t even in the City of Las Vegas—it’s in Paradise Township, unincorporated Clark County. We also have other incorporated municipalities, including the City of Henderson, the City of North Las Vegas, and the City of Mesquite (about an hour north).

So I can just walk around with booze?
On the Strip and under the Fremont Street Experience canopy, yes. Elsewhere, technically, no, although cops tend to be tolerant on Fremont East so long as you’re not causing a problem.

So jaywalking is a big deal?
It is. More than 300 pedestrians are injured or killed every year here. Fines in the City of Las Vegas used to start at $160; in 2021, AB403 decriminalized jaywalking, establishing a max fine of $100. Zero cops actually love writing jaywalking tickets, but they’re trying to keep you safe. Just wait the 30 seconds for the light to turn, OK?