There’s no dearth of steakhouses Downtown. In fact, when asked for our favorite, we actually have to dig a little deeper: what kind of ambiance are you after? What’s your budget?

Our pick for Best Everyday Steakhouse goes to Triple George, on 3rd across from the Downtown Grand. You’ll get the wood-paneled walls of a New York or Chicago steakhouse, but the huge bar (where you can order a full meal) and enclosed booths lend a San Francisco vibe. Cuts are moderately priced (for a tourist area) and all the sides you’d expect are on offer. Service and food are both consistently excellent.

Looking to splurge? Barry’s Downtown Prime, in the Circa resort’s basement (look for escalators near the Vegas Vickie bar) offers less-usual cuts like rib cap, along with sumptuous sides, salads, cocktails, and a wine list. Probably the most expensive menu Downtown, but paired with decor that feels like a modernization of “classic Vegas.” The enormous restaurant wraps around the kitchen, breaking it up into multiple smaller spaces that feel more intimate.

On a budget? While we don’t normally include national chains, Saltgrass, at the Golden Nugget, offers reasonably priced cuts, and steaks come with sides of your choice rather than being served a la carte. Think “a step up from Outback,” with friendly service and good food served in a simple, casual, Western-themed room.

Our final favorite is Joe Vicari’s Andiamo at the D. Priced about the same as Triple George, Andiamo leans into the “Italian Steakhouse” vibe, which means an upscale bread service, house-made pasta as an intermezzo, and tableside Caesar salad preparation. The menu offers upscale Italian pastas and dishes alongside the steaks, and the wine list is excellent. Curved booths definitely recall the Rat Pack era, and you’ll enjoy consistently professional service.

Honorable Mention

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. One of Las Vegas’ few remaining “gourmet rooms,” part of Hugo’s schtick is offering a rose to every lady who walks in the place. The dark room is 100% classic Downtown, and the food is consistently good. For the price, we feel you can do better elsewhere, but for the atmosphere, it’s great for a date night.

At the end of Fremont, in the Plaza, is Oscar’s, headlined by our former mayor (and former Mob defense attorney) Oscar Goodman. The restaurant sits in a dome, covering what used to be the hotel’s original pool. Priced about the same as Barry’s, we’ve experienced inconsistent service and food over several visits. When it’s good, it’s good; when it isn’t, it feels like an unnecessary expense. But the bar is enormous, and it’s a popular gathering spot for folks on that end of Fremont.

Finally, a shout-out to the Golden Steer, one of the Las Vegas’ oldest steakhouses and one where the Rat Pack regularly dined in their day. Prices are in line with Triple George, but it’s a fair hike—on Sahara Ave—from Downtown proper, which prevented us from including it in our consideration.