History & Culture

Museums and other attractions that highlight Vegas history.

Vegas is more than just casinos—we’ve a rich history going back over a hundred years.

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10th Anniversary

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement – “The Mob Museum.”

Learn about the birth and rise of the Mob—and how law enforcement eventually put them on the run. Full of interactive exhibits, upgraded experiences, and even a basement-level distillery and speakeasy, it’s one of the most innovative activities in Las Vegas.

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The Neon Museum

Filled with decommissioned and restored signs from Vegas’ storied past.

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Las Vegas Natural History Museum

An exciting dive into the past and present, suitable for all ages.

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The Springs Preserve

The site of one of the original springs that made Las Vegas “the meadows” when the first settlers arrived. Includes extensive outdoor gardens, exhibits on sustainable desert living, a full cafe, and the Ori-Gen Experience, where you can experience a simulated flash flood and other interactive exhibits.