Getting Around

Quick tips for getting around Downtown and beyond.

Currently, Uber and Lyft are hit-or-miss Downtown—rides can require long waits in some instances. Taxis are most readily available at the major Fremont Street casinos’ lobby entrances. Be aware that taxis (and Uber/Lyft) are prohibited from picking up or dropping off on Las Vegas Blvd and other major roads—don’t bother trying to wave them down.

RTC operates public busses throughout the resort district and Downtown. You can buy passes using the Uber app, which is highly recommended—fare machines can be finicky, and some routes do not accept payment onboard. You can also use the dedicated RTC app to buy tickets.

Many buses are wrapped in advertising so look for the double-decker design.

The Deuce is our double-decker bus line, serving the Strip and Downtown. It’s designed for tourists, with a bus hitting each stop about every 15 minutes. Payment is accepted on board, but use the app to save a TON of time. Here’s the route.

  • $6 for 2 hours
  • $8 for 24 hours
  • $20 for 3 days
photo by s.savanapridi

The Loop is a free shuttle that serves the Downtown area. That’s right, it’s free! Here’s the route.

RTC Bike Share is fantastic for getting around Downtown. Our furthest station south is next to the Sahara, convenient to the Las Vegas Monorail. There are also stations near the Stratosphere, all around Block 18b, and through the Fremont East District. Buy a pass online, and get the BCycle app to unlock bikes for up to 30 minutes at a time.