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Garagiste Wine Bar & Merchant

Truth is, Downtown doesn’t have many proper “wine bars.” We’ve got some great restaurants with fantastic wine lists, and for most folks that does just fine. But Garagiste, located at at Commerce and California, is something special.

Garagiste is a word the French use to describe folks who make their own wine in their homes—in their garages, as it were. Here in Vegas, it’s being used to describe a wine bar that was a more eclectic, constantly changing list.

You see, the proprietors shy away from the tried-and-true brands and varietals you see everywhere. You won’t find any Meiomi, no Josh, and no Apothic. Instead, you’ll find a wide-ranging list of unique varietals, regional blends, and lesser-known names from all over the US, Europe, and beyond. That even includes a selection of wines on tap—which may seem like heresy to a wine snob, but in fact offers some startlingly good wine for very reasonable prices.

You can carry away unopened bottles of wine for half off, and the bar runs several different specials throughout the week, including weekday happy hours.

Patio seating is typically available.

Garagiste also puts you within striking distance of Downtown’s “Brewery Row,” and is located adjacent to Crafthaus. So if some folks in your party want some vino, and others want some brews, you can get it all. Garagiste is across the street from local-favorite Esther’s Kitchen, and vegan taco shop Tacotarian.

We routinely recommend Garagiste as a jumping-off point to the delights of Downtown’s Southern end, running primarily along Main Street.