Downtown Bar Crawl

Start anywhere on our list and proceed in an orderly (if you can) fashion! You’ll imbibe your way through some serious Downtown sights & history.

This bar crawl takes you through our recommendations in the Fremont Street Experience and along the Fremont East District. You’re looking at 8 blocks of walkable fun! Please—drink responsibly, and consider using Lyft, Uber, a cab, or transit rather than driving yourself.


  • Please obey traffic lights when crossing streets—drivers here are incredibly distracted and saving 30 seconds isn’t worth your life or a leg.
  • We’ve included way too many bars. Feel free to skip any that aren’t open, or if you’re pacing yourself.
  • This crawl takes you on a full circle—you can start anywhere, so just look for one of these places that’s closest to you.

The Underground at the Mob Museum

Located in the basement. If you don’t have museum admission, go around to the east side of the building (to the right if you’re looking at the front) and down the utility stairs. Ring the buzzer. Check their Instagram feed for today’s password. Known for house-made moonshine cocktails.

Ready to move on? Exit south across Stewart, head south down 3rd.

Pizza Rock

Known for a beer and a slice. Full bar inside.

When you’re done, exit south across Ogden, turn right on Fremont Street.

Whiskey Likker Up

Entrance is on Fremont St. Have a spin at Downtown’s only rotating bar. Known for great bar bites and classic cocktails, beer, and wine.

Finished? Exit west on Fremont Street toward Circa.

Vegas Vickie’s

Inside Circa, near lobby on North end, with the iconic neon Vickie sign. Known for high-end cocktails. Beer & wine available.

All done? Exit across Fremont Street toward Golden Gate.

Bar Prohibition

Inside the Golden Gate. Sit where Sinatra sat! Known for basic cocktails, beer, and wine.

When you’re ready, exit east on Fremont to Golden Nugget.

Ice Bar

Inside the Golden Nugget, near the lobby and Shark Tank pool. Known for custom Bloody Mary’s, vodka cocktails, beer & wine.

Paid your tab? Exit east on Fremont to Las Vegas Blvd.

Hennesey’s Tavern

Beneath the giant pint on Las Vegas & Fremont. Known for Irish whisky & cocktails, solid bar food.

All done? Exit east across Las Vegas Blvd. Cross with caution!

Downtown Cocktail Room / Mike Morey’s Sip ‘n’ Tip

Enter from the alley off Las Vegas Blvd, half a block south of Fremont. Known for super high-end cocktails (DCR), beer & wine (Mike’s).

Let’s keep moving… exit back to Fremont Street, turn right to head east.

The Smashed Pig

Along Fremont East between Las Vegas Blvd and 6th. Known for classic & specialty cocktails, high-end pub food.

When you’re done, exit and turn right to head a few feet east.


Classic rock bar on Fremont East between Las Vegas Blvd and 6th. Known for Moscow Mule on tap; great cocktails, beer, and wine. Try the Habanero Pickleback!

All set? Exit and turn right to head east.

Downtown Container Park

At 7th & Fremont. Choose Oak & Ivy (known for super high-end cocktails) or Bin 702 (known for wine & beer on tap).

Finished? Exit and turn right to head east on Fremont.

Atomic Liquors

At 10th & Fremont. Holding tavern license #00001, this historic bar is known for craft beers and cocktails. Plenty of outdoor seating.

Glass empty? Exit across Fremont and turn left to head west.

F the Bar

Short for “Ferguson’s the Bar,” not the other thing. Inside Ferguson’s complex. Known for well-made classic cocktails and a solid whisky selection.

When you’re done, turn right out of Ferguson’s to head west on Fremont.


At 6th & Fremont. Known for extensive selections of draft beers and large whisky program, great food.

Finished? Exit onto Fremont and turn right to head west. We’ve recently had a number of places close, so you’ll be heading all the way to the Fremont casino.


Just inside the Fremont’s east entrance. Known for house cocktails and a chance to gamble. When leaving, head north on 3rd (toward Downtown Grand) and head straight to Mob Museum (cross Ogden and Stewart); go to top of this page to continue.