Cannabis is legal to purchase and consume for recreational purposes in Las Vegas, provided you’re over 21 and your consumption happens inside your private residence. Legally, consumption in public or in hotel rooms is not okay.

Note that the “dispensaries” on Fremont Street do not sell marijuana-based products. Actual dispensaries are not legal on Fremont, and these stores only sell hemp-based CBD products, which can be legally sold and consumed anywhere in Nevada (including drugstores and supermarkets). Buying from these stores usually means you’re overpaying.

Here’s a list of walkable-from-Downtown dispensaries.

  • NuWu Cannabis Marketplace
    1235 Paiute Cir • 24 hours
  • MedMen Las Vegas Arts District
    823 S 3rd St
  • CannaStarz
    631 S Las Vegas Blvd • 24 hours
  • Kanabliss
    800 S Casino Center Blvd
  • The Sanctuary
    1324 S 3rd St